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Thread: Help With Installing Half-life

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    ok the game is good,dl was fine,nothing corrupt,got all the latest patches etc,but when i try to install the patches or updates it says ''you are trying to install in an invalid directory,try again''whats up? I know for a fact it is not the wrong directory.and also its half life 'version 1.0,& i got the version update,and it came with a i need a no cd crack?and i have winxp,but ive read that it plays in it fine...please i need heeeelp.

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    Yes... try cracking it first. I know i was able to apply the normal half life updates before, with a cracked install... but that might have only been the early ones. crack it first, then try installing the patch. get the update right from sierras website even,

    Half life update


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