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Thread: Just graduated to IRC now looking for channels!!

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    After seeing one of my favorite torrent sites go down forever (again). I decided to give IRC another try. I tried it a few years ago, but it seemed like to much effort at the time. Now it seems easy, especially with the xdcc servers.

    So now I am looking for lists of channels that offer the content I am looking for.
    Music(Rap& RnB), Movies, and I know there must be a place where i can find political documentaries.

    How can I find the best channels?
    I have been looking for content on IRCspy then finding channels. However, sometimes I am unable to connect or it requires SSL. Obviously, imma noob but any help would be greatly appreciated

    Another question: When I reach the directory of an album I want, do I really have to "get" every song individually. surely there is a way to get them all.
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    Dont have any channels on the top of my head but heres a great guide that will help you:

    I usually just use ircspy and to search for data. Dont really memorize channels and such.
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