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Thread: down?

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    403 Forbidden
    Unauthorized IP address.


    I'm not banned, I just got 40 gigs of uploading today putting me at a 4.x ratio. My friend has the same error (he never registered there but has the same ISP), anyone else getting this? Is it possible that my ISP somehow banned the ip of their site or something?

    Please check and let me know if you guys are getting the same thing:

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    Do they have an IRC channel?

    All private trackers that I have been to have IRC channels and post their status on the topic, its much better and easier if you ask there than if you ask here. Next time they are online try searching their forum for the network/channel and maybe a password.

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    It's working fine.
    Maybe there is a mystery behind ur 4+ ratio.
    Blanket ban on ur IP range...I guess.

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    Haha "Banned. " works fine this morning silly goose, must of been some silly server side error.

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    it's not down

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    If you can't access the site with your home IP, you should always try a proxy first to make sure your ISP/IP hasn't been banned.


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