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Thread: connection dropping with grabit

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    Hi all,

    Getting great speeds with Grabit, but most of the time checking the graph at the bottom of Grabit, I see that the connection every few seconds drops to 0 then goes back up again

    Just wondering why this would be? Probably because im using my isp's server (shame i havnt got a CC to pay for newshosting - wish they accepted paypal)

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    Its not because you use your isp's server - i use Grabit with newshosting, Newsdemon and isp (ntl) and the graph allways shows the drop.
    I dont have a clue why but with the great speeds i get i'm not bothered !
    Try newsdemon i think you can pay with switch/maestro cards.

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    i had something similar in the past, it was because my (old) isp did some sort of port scans, wich kinda block the traffic for a sec.

    i can't recall the kind of scans but if i recall correct it was land or xxxfin scan.

    Hope this can help you find the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ox1de
    shame i havnt got a CC to pay for newshosting - wish they accepted paypal
    You can use PayPal with NewsHosting by sending an email to with the following information

    Subject: NEW ACCOUNTS

    Address (Street):
    Address (City):
    Address (State):
    Address (Zip):
    Desired Username:
    Alt Username:
    Email Address:
    Account Type: (Unlimited / 60GB Limited)
    Rate Length: (6 / 12 months)
    Refferal Account: a51500
    The last line will issue the refferal credit the site...
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    Just curious if this was the new beta that was released the other day? Grabbit is going in strange bursts right now, goes for a second then stops for longer than it downloads. This isn't happening at all with Xnews, the speed is constant with that. Maybe I'll go back to the old beta.

    edit - ignore me, I booted into linux and it is going slow in klibido, must be newshosting or something else.
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    Same thing happens with my isp changing in a few days thankfully

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    this "dropping" is happening to me to. but i still get good speeds


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