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    I want to get a new hard drive but I am not sure what to get. I have seen a IBM/Hitachi 180xp 120Gb 7200rpm with 2mb of cache through Ebuyer for 86.20 with vat.

    I have had a couple of views from friends, one says all hard drives are about the same the other says IBM are crap. Can anyone advise me on this hard drive, ie is it any good or do they know of a better one for around the same money. I dont want to spend more than about about 100. I am looking for a 120Gb drive but would settle for an 80GB drive if it were good quality for the money.

    It needs to be reliable as I want it for digital video editing.

    Also if anyone knows of a site which is cheaper than those sites listed with Ebuyer.

    Thanks for any help given.

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    ibm have been known to make bad hdd's in the past, how can we forget that mistake lol

    Anyway i would reccomend a maxtor which has 4mb buffer the new models or western digital.

    but yea most hdd's are the same they just have the brand on them, most of the parts are identicle.

    go with the ibm if u cant find more gigs for less other wise go for the ibm, all hdd's should have 3 years warrenty to them

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    Now all (90%) HDD have a 1yr warr. I would say get an WD, Maxtor or Seagate HDD.

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    A few years ago, IBM had problems with their 40-60 GB drives. My company bought 20 of them and 8 failed within a week. That's a 40% failure rate! I'm sure things are better now but this has left a bad taste in my mouth.

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    I have a Seagate Barracuda V and it works great, also from some benchmarks I read the Barracuda was the best, but this may have changed allready.

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    Originally posted by Philupnorth@30 April 2003 - 06:40

    I want to get a new hard drive but I am not sure what to get. I have seen a IBM/Hitachi 180xp 120Gb 7200rpm with 2mb of cache through Ebuyer for 86.20 with vat.
    Enough of the IBM bashing... thats like bitching at ATI for making bad drivers, IN THE PAST.

    The IBM drives that had issues, where a couple specific models, and they only had one year warrantys.

    That current drive your looking at, is one of the best drives on the market, I own of 180g 8mb versions., and it has a 3 year warranty. I have had no heating issues with it, nothing what so ever, and my PC stays on almost 24-7.

    My load times in counter strike, have never been as fast, the maps pop right up, read and write speeds are both wonderfull. And if you have a motherboard, or a hard drive controller, that supports it, you turn on tag on seek... which takes read requests for say files D, B, C, A, and reorganizes the read make it faster, and read in one sweep, to A, B, C, D.

    I dont think tag and seek is available on the 2mb cache one... which ur lookin at, you might wanna look into a 8meg version of of those 180gxps, that cache makes a big difference.

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    ever hd maker there is has had batches of bad HDs so u cant go bye that if u did the wd drives would be the worst as they had 1000s of there 40GB hds go bad it happens sometimes they are made in labs that are cleaner then operating rooms and if somthing go wrong it will contamanate 1000s of HDS

    that said there all prity much the same what u want to look for is high RPMs and large buffers brad name makes no diffrence


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