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Thread: Help! Problem With A .bin File!

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    I downloaded a .bin file that is 776mb and it doesnt fit to a normal CD. So i had to buy a 800mb cd that (TDK Metallic Disc) that sais that it only supports Disc-at-once recording. I dont think I've got that shit because the pc sais that the cd has only 96.6 free mb when that cd is brabd new.What the hell is disc at once recording, and where do I find it? Nero doesnt seem to support it as I found out. Does anyone knows what should I do?? Any other solution than the 800mb cd? Many thanx!

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    The bin files should fit on a 700MB cd. Nero should be able to take care of that. Is this a software - game file? I've burned plenty of games over 700MB on a single cd using Nero.

    btw, this has nothing to do with kazaa, please post in the correct sections. Since you do not list what file this is, away to SoftwareWorld it goes......................
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