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    Anyone knows hot to cut and paste an article from notepad to the forum here? It's pretty long!!

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    hold down left mouse button and select all, press Ctrl + C to copy it then Press Ctrl + V to paste it.

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    Kokanee. I think you misunderstood what I means. My intention is to cut from notepad and paste it here an a new topic or a reply

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    Darkkie, I think you did not follow the instructions that Kakanee gave you because that works just fine. You are just not doing it right if it did not work for you. Just do Ctrl A (to select all), Ctrl C or Ctrl X (to copy or cut) and then Ctrl V to paste it in the forum reply box.

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    Ok Thanks I got It Sorry Kokanee

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    Or if keyboard shortcuts are too much for you...

    Right-click - Select All
    Right-click - Copy
    Right-click - Paste


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