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Thread: Best Provider

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    Im wanting to start using newsgroups im just wondering whats the best unlimited one to get.

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    *compare newsgroup servers by speed, retention, and completion

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    If you choose NewsDemon or Newshosting, please sign up using one of the links on this page.
    FST is an affiliate of both services, and we get a small referral commission.
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    For unlimited you should pick newshosting or newsdemon. I think newsdemon is the best.

    Takes a day to get a reply from support
    They put all unlimited accounts on a different server that probably isnt as good as the one limited accounts have
    PayPal is only for 6 + 12 month accounts and is not a listed option on their site
    Only US Currency
    Ugly control panel

    Very fast speeds on port 119 even with one connection
    Great support, get a reply in 20 minutes
    US and UK Currency
    They dont put limited/unlimited accounts on different servers
    PayPal option for 1 + 3 + 6 + 12 month accounts
    PayPal is listed on their site
    Better retention than newshosting
    Free newsreader software
    Very nice control panel
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    Personally I'd say I have never had a problem with em and there damn cheap. I max my adsl2 line constantly, and i have not come across a group they do not have yet. Just my 2c's.

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    I come from down your way
    Quote Originally Posted by torrentguy
    Very slow speed on port 119, other ports are ok but still a bit slow
    You must be kidding or have one seriously crap ISP.

    When I was with Plusnet, Newshosting maxed out my 2Mb line, now on MaxADSL with Eclipse I get speeds up to 6.9Mbps, depending on available bandwidth. And considering 7.15Mbps is the maximum possible speed on MaxADSL, thats pretty good.

    Only US Currency
    So? It doesn't matter what currency you use the price is the same.

    Oh and Newshosting is $3 a month cheaper too.

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    Think NewsHosting is the best deal for the price...

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    ---- ^^^ agreed

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    I've used which has:
    Plan	            Price 	Downloads Included  Rate Limit 	Connections
    Unlimited	  $10/Month	  Unlimited 	    1 Mbit/s 	     4
    Unlimited DSL	  $15/Month	  Unlimited 	   Unlimited         4
     25 GB	          $10 Once-Off	  25 Gigabytes     Unlimited 	     Unlimited
     65 90 GB	  $25 Once-Off	  90 Gigabytes 	   Unlimited 	     Unlimited
    280 GB	          $100 Once-Off	  280 Gigabytes    Unlimited         Unlimited
    I used them because they offer Anonymity ( No logs are kept, Request for groups are anonymous, Anonymous Posting).

    However, I have recently switched to because I no longer have a CC and needed something that accepted paypal. Plus they offer 8 connections and anonymity. I realize I don't download more than 60GB a month anyways.

      UNTHROTTLED SPEED! 		         US $ 19.99 / UK  11.99
      150 GB / MONTH
      UNTHROTTLED SPEED!! 5 GB / DAY        US $ 16.99 / UK  9.99
      60 GB / MONTH
      UNTHROTTLED SPEED! 		        US $ 14.99 / UK  8.99
      30 GB / MONTH
      UNTHROTTLED SPEED! 		        US $ 11.29 / UK  6.99
      15 GB / MONTH
      UNTHROTTLED SPEED! 		        US $ 7.29 / UK  4.99

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    Can't complain about newshosting. Cheapest unlimited account around. Used to be with EasyNews for completion/searching. Now use for searching.

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