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Thread: Help in Bitmetv

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    i just trade an account with someone and he told the username and the password but i cant login.
    so if someone reading this and he dont care to search a username for me if it is exist it will be great. the username is: MisteryGirl
    plz let me know & tnx,

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    There is no user with that name on BitMeTV
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    If ur trade has gone wrong post here

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    Hello I'm writing in the case of a BitmeTV account. My username is WcD, I wouldn't write my password because anything could happen but at the login I have to read that my account is banned.I don't know what is the problem, because I had a good ratio and 3 invites on the account and so on. I don't know who could help me in this situation, thatswhy I searched you. Thanks in advance for your help.

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    2006 bump!

    Tried IRC?
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    ^^ What he said ^^

    To the bumper...Thanks for bumping that super ass old thread as it gave me a chuckle...
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