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Thread: Superman Returns Workprint???

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    ok so i was just browsing and i found a file just posted that claims to be "superman returns work print" which is in bin cue format so if it is real it is obviously in a kvcd svcd type format that is ready to burn.....

    i know there are a lot of fakes posted so i am wondering if anybody has spotted this on any private trackers yet?? the fact that it said "work print" and is in bin cue format makes me think that this could MAYBE be real...

    i won't dare download it though because it is posted on mininova and i don't want the MPAA starting some crap.....(although if it started showing up on private trackers i would download it)

    the tracker of the file is

    but then i go to and there is nothing

    anyway this is probably fake and i cant find it on vcdquality yet or any other torrent sites private or public that i use so i was just wondering if anyone has spotted it on any of the private tracker sites they use??

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    I have a feeling alot of people are going to be getting letters soon .

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    Quote Originally Posted by necrofus
    I have a feeling alot of people are going to be getting letters soon .
    yeah that is why i won't download it(unless it shows up on a private tracker)

    but say the MPAA did post the file themselves(in which case it would be a fake "dummy file")can they actually sue people for downloading a fake file?

    i thought the MPAA just posted fakes to try to confuse and frustrate downloaders......but can't they only sue when someone posts "the real deal" and then the MPAA just decides to start tracking what IP addys connect to download it??
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    not on sct TL TD FL or any ftps i frequent

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    Quote Originally Posted by n0sig
    not on sct TL TD FL or any ftps i frequent
    same haven't seen it anywhere had a look after reading your post frozenray and nothing. so if it's real I'd like to know...

    PS welcome to fileSharing Talk frozenray I know you had some trouble but it's all good this is at least the second interesting thread you've started get stuck into it

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    So....Still no news if this is real or not?

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    I remember a torrent site used to keep a list of trackers known to be fake and/or operated by anti-filesharing organizations. It was a great way to avoid fake torrents put up on public trackers.

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    I can say that after searching quite a bit, I did find one site that claimed that the file was a fake. It's some horror movie instead. So keep that in mind if you intend to validate or invalidate the file yourself.


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