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Thread: Problem with newsdemon

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    Just signed up to newsdemon, and ive tried a few groups but always seem to get this error when downloading:


    Tried using different ports, tried different groups, also contacted them and they said they refreshed my account and it shoudl be fixed.

    Never got this error on my ISP server

    Any idea what to do?
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    i get this error as well all the time so i have now changed from newsdemon like you i tryed everything and newsdemon kept telling me it was me...... i refuse to believe that poor help they give... and whats funny is other newsservers work right..

    They said the same to me bout refreshing my account thats just bs.. they done nothing.

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    Damn, what should I do. I only went with these coz i dont have a Credit card. The online support guy said it was because ive just signed up to them and their server has to refresh.

    Looks like i should cancel my sub if what you're saying is right

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    well i canceled mine afew days ago and i barely used them a month i feel ripped off .... and never had this problem with other servers i would cancel your account because you know what i kept thinking mine would get better too honestly save yourself the trouble itryed every newsreader on it too
    i also paid by paypal to cancel you first need to cancel it in paypal then cancel your account on newsdemon website
    i was trying weeks to get it to work changing ports entering the whole details in again allsorts

    Then when i canceled they said oh your account seems to be canceled i said i know am not paying you for something i cannot use bye now

    Didnt email me after that..(avoid em like the plage)
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    thanks for your help, it's defintely their server, because the exact same files download fine on my ISP server.

    Seems like the live chat I had with someone named Joshua was a waste, because he just lied to me as if they get this problem often.

    I've signed up with newshosting now, and will be canceling my newsdemon account and never touching them again

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    never had problems with newshosting or anyother server i tryed like i had with these guys they dont wont admit there at fault..

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    There is a limit on how much connections you can have to the server, your picture shows 8 connections connected successfuly and it says on the newsdemon website for limited accounts are allowed 8 connections and unlimited are allowed 4 connections. With some news servers you can use any amount of connections.

    You dont need more than eight connections anyway, it should still max out your speed.

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    torrentguy maybe your not getting it but anything weve tryed wherther we change the connect number to 4or 100 or play with the port numbers we cant download from that server all other servers we tryed work but that.. newsdemon is bad news
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    Worked fine for me with a test account.

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    test account worked for me too till i signed up properly then i got all these problems anyway i dumped them know so am happy

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