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Thread: magic sandals

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    An American couple is vacationing overseas. As they make their way through the Pakistani open-air market they come across a small sandal shop. As they enter they are immediately greeted by the shopkeeper.
    "Welcome, welcome my American friends!" he says. The couple return the greeting and browse the shop. As they make their way for the door the shopkeeper calls out "Wait, wait my friends. I have some VERY special sandals for you!. He reaches behind the counter and presents a beautifully crafted, very ornate pair of golden sandals.

    "These are magical sandals! They will give you all the sexual power of the great desert camel!" The husband scoffs, confident in his own sexual prowess. The wife, on the other hand, is immediately curious and flashes him a 'why not?' glance. The shopkeeper insists "Please! Please! Try them on!"

    The man slips on the sandals and his wife immediately notices a change. His eyes fill with raw animal lust that she hasn't seen in years! Suddenly, the husband turns to the shopkeeper, rips down his pants and starts furiously pounding him from behind!

    The shopkeeper screams "Please! Please! You have them on the wrong FEET!"

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