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Thread: Best AudioBook Torrent Site

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    I was looking for The Unauthorized Biography of Steve Jobs on many torrent sites but was unable to locate it. I was wondering if there were any AudioBook specific torrent sites out there that I may have better luck with.

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    Demonoid has a very good collection.Bitme & Oink are also good for audiobooks.,bitspyder,elbitz & learnbits also have them.Pisexy has a small collection too.
    I am yet to come across a tracker that hosts only audio books but all of the above would serve the purpose...have served mine at least for long.

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    Thanks a lot. I'll check those out.

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    mininova has some...

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    yeah, i'd go to demonoid for an audio book. there may not be an audio book version of what you are looking for. then again, i'm not doing an googling
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    I will keep an eye out emblym , I'm interested in this type of a tracker myself

    Oh and you fellas that posted your request for might want to read the rules b/c it might get you banned...just FYI

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    There have been lots of offers for free oink, bitme and other trackers in the invite forum. Just have to be patient and you'll get one.

  8. BitTorrent   -   #8 is a decent one, though torrent aren't very much there, still worth trying.

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    Hopefully the thread starter will see your post

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    That was one hell of a random bump

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