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Thread: Failed Hash Checks!

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    Aug 2005
    I reckon the public trackers yield a lot of failed hash checks than the private trackers. Is this due to people using fake clients with fake uploads?
    Any ideas to prevent failed hash checks from occuring?

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    its a number of reasons.
    like u said, theres more chance of fake files.
    public trackers allow any bt client to use them, and alot of these clients are really bad for sending out bad pieces.
    alot of private trackers have these bad clients banned.
    private trackers also generally have more knowledgeable users. the public trackers are where bittorrent noobs start out, and they go messing with stuff they shouldnt.

    what client do u use? use something like utorrent. it bans ppl from sending to u after a set number of failed hash checks. that doesnt much help with the failed hash checks happening in the 1st place though ;\


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