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Thread: Cant Remember It Properly, Can Someone Help?

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    im looking for a dance choon, but i can only remember bits of it.
    it has a (possibly italian) man saying lines something like:

    i fone the manager and ask for a sheet
    he says go sheet in the toilet
    i say you dont under stand, i want a sheet on the bed
    he say u dont sheet on the bed you son ofa bitch
    i dont even know the guy and he call me a sonofa bitch.

    it also has a verse about going for a pizz(a) as well but i cant remember that one.

    i think the track title has something to do with pizzas but i cant remember

    Please help me find this track


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    never mind, i found it. If you are interested it is:

    File: cisco kid - pizza man.mp3
    Length: 4932046 Bytes,4816KB
    UUHash: =sNSHXw2qXoZwfdJS07nUvlHJsXU=

    sig2dat:///|File:cisco kid - pizza man.mp3|Length:4932046 Bytes,4816KB|UUHash:=sNSHXw2qXoZwfdJS07nUvlHJsXU=|



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