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    Hi there,

    When I try to check for errors on my hard drive within PM7
    the window pops up which says that there is an error #993 and that partition contains open files and that I should use the operating system check utility. I used this utility and it found nothing...i mean no errors. I also did not have a chance to use PM7 is just installed and I didn't try to partition my hard drive. I run winXP home on laptop. HD is 30 Gb. Can anyone tell me what the heck this error message means and also should I switch to PM8 if I want to partition my HD on XP (to install Linux as a second OS for instance) or should i stick to PM7. I've heard people saying that there were serious incompatibility issues with PM8 and it true. Thank you in advance.

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    i don't have dos can I just type this command in the run window and run it from there?

    Thank you for the suggestion

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    Thank you for the answers...

    I just wonder if there's any other partitioning software that is more reliable the PM7.

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    Originally posted by balamm@30 April 2003 - 22:34
    Don't install PM8 inXP! You'll lose it all!

    UNinstall PM7 and reboot. In the dos Command window, type- checkdisk /r and NO to the force dismount option. Choose YES to check on next start. Reboot again and let checkdisk run.
    If it restarts again then it HAS fixed something.
    If it continues to load, then it found nothing and you shouldn't try to install PM again or you'll lose the system.
    If you're prepared to reinstall then use the floppy disks or better yet, The fdisk command To properly prepare the drives.
    ALL the versions of PMagic I've tried have some bugs. NEVER let it "fix something for you. It just never works out. when you open it next time it'll probably show all yellow, and "bad disk".
    i used PM 8 to make new partitions of a 60 GB disk had no problems with XP!!!


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