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Thread: Xvid N Tmpgenc

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    wen i convert a avi xvid to vcd it converts
    but wen i play it there is a stutter and jerk nearly every 3-5 seconds
    can neone help??

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    Cheeck the fram rate of the Xvid and the VCD

    Xvid fram rate is like 23 but VCD is from 25 to 29 and if your fram rate is at 29 it will do the same fram 6 times there for u get a gitor

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    thanks is ther neway to repair the frame rate?

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    if it is 24 or what have you just make the VCD the same fram rate as the Xvid

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    All so Keep me posted if wot i sed worked

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    im doing one thats divx and when i try to change the frame rate in tmpgenc it's blanked out fixed to 25fps while the movie is 23.976, i can now see why i get sticking but how do i adjust the frame rate.

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    I know how to fix that and i need to send a file to you

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    Thanks for that Night Ass, i just pm you with my email Address

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    If u come across any movies like 23fps just use the ntsc film template
    or options, u could also alter the framerate..where the framerate is blanked out to the left where it says framerate press it and an unlock
    option should appear

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    thanks for that CosmoK now all i have to see is if it will encode properly well i have wait 12 hours of processing for that.

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