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Thread: wireless= very very slow downloads

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    hi found this site through yahoo while searching for a problem i've been having, basically since installing my wirless network 2 weeks ago i've been having problems with download speeds on the two p2p programs that i use.. kazaa and emule, i now seem to be downloading at very low speeds considering i'm on 1meg bb, and thats if i'm lucky to be downloading at all.
    Before on my speedtouch adsl modem i would get max speed of 120kbs and have about 15 downloads at the same time, but now with my new wireless[linksy] i'm lucky to have 1 file downloading at 5 kbs , if i stay connected all night i might be lucky to have about 6-9 downloads totalling 20kbs on the go.
    does any one know what could be the problem?
    there doesnt seem to be a problem with my upload speeds, i set it to 10kbs and it's steady all night ,i've even tried 100kbs upload and it'll reach that speed no probs.

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    I don't and have never used Kazaa or emule but I'd be willing to bet it has to do with port forwarding on your router.

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    You could try port forwarding
    If that doesnt help maybe check the linksy forums. Maybe other people have had these problems with their router or wireless card/adapted. If not post your model number here. I'm sure someone around here is bound to have the same model you do.

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    This page is for configuring for Emule... you will notice a lot of Linksy's Routers further down the page...choose your model..and follow all the instructions carefully

    ..and check your firewall for inbound and outbound connections


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