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Thread: Installing The Omega Drivers Helps But...

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    I have recently installed the new Omega Drivers and my screen looks great but I am a little bummed because my Internet connection which is a hub configured as a DHCP server has a couple of serious conflcits. I get a lot of "cant find server" messages and have used to Windows XP network setup wizard to make sure that it knows that I have the right setup but still encounter the same problem.

    Please help.

    Do installing such drivers usually cause such conflicts?

    Maybe there is something I am doing wrong. I checked to make sure that I have the right services running and that is all clear (DHCP client and DNS server, etc.)

    Please help, if you know what I mean.

    Your buddy

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    I unistalled the Omega Drivers and no longer have any conflicts.

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    Damn, I just installed these drivers, and f***ed my computer royally, I had to roll back my drivers. A whole bunch of error messages stated coming up in german. If you're running xp, don't put these drivers on your computer.

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