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Thread: uTorrent

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    everytime i put uTorrent on my surfing speed seems to go very slow

    What can i do?

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    Nothing really if your download and uploading it takes bandwidth and surfing the internet takes bandwidth also.There are traffic shaping programs out there like cfosforspeed but im not sure how good they work.

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    Limit your upload speed to around 80% of your total upload speed. For instance, if your max upload speed is around 30KBps, limit it to 24KBps.

    To do this hit Options >> Preferences >> Network (on the left hand window) >> look for the 'Bandwidth Limiting' options and adjust them as required.

    If you're maxing out your download, this will also slow down your browsing - try limiting that to around 80% of your total dawnload speed too.
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    well ive got a 10mb connection and never get maxed out most i get is 200kb from like 6 downloads altogether

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    Its pretty simple, every TCP packet that gets sent needs a confiramtion TCP packet.

    Confirmations packets speed = (Download Speed)*64/1500
    (this is the minimum, could be more)

    Now based on your maximum upload speed, subtract the "Confirmations packets speed" and you'll have your real maximum upload speed.

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    could you put that simple Hermiod what could i do to make browsing quicker

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    Your maximum download Speed = D
    Your maximum upload speed - U

    Whenever you download, you send a confirmation packet. The Maximum download packet size is 1500 bytes, for every one of theese you will send a confirmation packet of 64 bytes.

    So, you need to calculate how much of bandwith you need to upload confirmation packets. Called C here.

    Yor maximum total upload speed should be (U - C)

    And to calculate C:
    C = D*64/1500

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    thats pretty damn confusing
    basically, in utorrent, goto...
    options > preferences > torrents
    change ur settings from 9999999999999999999 to something practical
    global max connections shouldnt be up in 5 figure numbers, and most unknowledgeable users set this really high.
    max number of upload slots per torrent shouldnt really be higher than 10-20, depending on ur connection.

    ur upload settings on utorrent affect the rate that u download from websites more than ur download settings do.
    that sounds the wrong way round? well ur browser needs to send requests to the website, and if ur upload settings are whacky, browsing is poor.

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    lol, just dl what ur dl'ing and while surfing make upload 5k. done.
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    if everyone did that u would never download anything
    thats way too low, and to me makes u a leech.
    like maker said, setting upload about about 80% of ur max is about right.

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