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Thread: utorrent sends emails?

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    My zonealarm gave this warning, whats going on?

    Description utorrent.exe has been blocked from sending e-mail messages. Use the Programs List to allow Send Mail permissions for this program.
    Rating High
    Date / Time 2006/06/03 02:11:26+1:00 GMT
    Type Program Access
    Program utorrent.exe
    Source IP
    Destination IP
    Direction Outgoing (connect)
    Action Taken Blocked
    Count 1
    Source DNS
    Destination DNS
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    This usually happens when a peer has their port set on 25 which is used for email normally. Some users do this to get around port throttling. Unfortunately ZA cant tell the difference between something really sending emails and something using a port used for emails. This is common with ZA although if your concerned do the usual scans. As an opinion I think ZA is inflated software and there are better ways to go...

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