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Thread: Something odd or just me??

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    This is probably related to my other thread at
    but I noticed something odd. In the temp internet folder are four folders and a dat file and a files named desktop configuration settings. The four folders are named 69U9MRI7, 281IH2G1, WP8T45GV, and ZE6XAEO7 and each of these folders had a file named desktop configuration settings. I really do not recall these being there and wonder if I should delete them? When I attempt to delete them I get the message that they are system files. Are they?

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    Are they in your prefetch folder ? Hey call me adventurous but I'd delete them as there not on my system .

    Use to fight with an old DOS head at work about temp files . I figured fuck em I'll delete them , if windows needs them it will put them back . Has served me well .

    I'm sorry , not trying to be funny I just read your other post and it must be frustrating . If you turn of System Restore , clean your temp file with oh mabye Crapcleaner then what does it say ?

    You are using Xp tho not Win98 ?
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    It is the cache for IE.

    Leave it alone, or use "clear cache" to empty the contents.
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    I'm more than a bit adventurous myself but think I'll try the clear cache. Thanks everyone


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