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Thread: Failed Hash Check?

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    does anyone know what is a failed hash check and what causes it? i dont get many usually but over the last couple of days have got LOAAAADS, 137 of them on a 261mb file, of which 24% is completed but 949mb has gone to "waste", have this problem on all the files i am currently downloading, anyone please help! What could be causing it???
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    Failed hash check means you are downloading damaged data.

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    use utorrent, it bans ppl who send bad pieces repeatedly.
    also, i'd skip that torrent, and look for it on another source.
    at that rate, u'll download about 3.5GB of bad data.

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    By the time it downloaded 100 mb of corrupt data I would have complained a LOT on the tracker forum.

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    thanks ppl, well only noticed it cz file waz takin a lot lot lot longer than i expected it 2, hav deleted them now, seems 2 b happening on all the smallville season five files i can find realy, o well will hav 2 carry on lukin 4 gud 1s, thanks again

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    Try installing a ipfilter list, you may be downloading from the "bad people".

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    i'm using utorrent and it happened to me many times.I can't get to work Rise of legendsbecause of that. image files are damaged i guess..


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