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Thread: Casino Royale

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    I've seen the trailer for the latest Bond movie a few times now and they seem to me in an act of madness gone for a look more like the Jason Bounre movies rather than a James Bond movie. At the end of the day a Bond movie should be unbelievable with crazy stunts beautiful women and Corny one liners not grimy and realistic, it feels like they have abandoned everything that makes James Bond so James Bond!!!!

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    if u read the synapsis on this movie u'd find out this movie takes place be4 007 days. this movie shows how 007 came to be who he is. so, it's gotta have action to prove his worth. imo, this one's gonna be GREAT!
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    Am I the only one who finds it jarring that Judi Dench reprises the role of M, and yet she's to play it as if she's never met Bond before. So we're seeing the M we know, but she isn't the M we know (plus, y'know the Bond we don't know).

    If they were going for a relaunch, they should have gone all the way... though I can imagine how hard it would be to pass up an Academy Award-winner.

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    I can imagine how hard it would be to pass up an Academy Award-winner.


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