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Thread: Office Xp - Outlook

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    I recently dlld office xp - full, (by the way, props to whomever did the legwork on that&#33

    I have Outlook express; when i installed outlook, i chose to have outlook be the default email program. The problem is, that even though i have outlook as default, email comes through outlook express, and my antivirus (norton) does not apply in outlook!

    Please help!

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    Norton should work in your outlook, It does in mine...just make sure you have Norton Pro 2003.

    It sounds like you use hotmail in conjunction with your express. The nice thing about OfficeXP is that you can use Outlook with hotmail now. The bad thing is that the messages do not delete off the hotmail server from Outlook. However, select tools, email accouts, add a new email account, and select HTTP for you hotmail or whatever net account you have. Previously, Outlook whould not support this type of service.

    Who knows, perhaps you can configure Outlook to delete items from you net accounts, but I never found the right option. Good luck.


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