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Thread: Low end HP printers are useless

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    Hi Guys.

    The other day I bought a new colour ink jet as my old one crapped out.

    As I was a bit short of cash I so bought an HP 3940. for about $ 100 NZ.

    I am very pleased with the speed and print quality.

    But just a warning here to you all - It will not print on to Avery Labels !

    It just cannot draw them in to the printer without crunching them up. I checked the HP web site and it says the printer is only compatible with HP Labels ! And a technician advised me that the printer will not print on to Avery labels.

    Well Avery labels are the world market leader and HP labels are not avialable here on New Zealand.

    Also the printer struggles a bit to draw in high quality photo paper of say 225 gsm.

    I supoose the moral of the story is that these days low end printers are made down to a price so they cannot be strong enough to handle thicker types of media.



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    It makes sence when you think about it man. why would a low end printer be able to print on high end product?

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    lol stay away from HP lowends then.
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