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Thread: Are wireless mouses good for graphic work ?

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    Hi guys.

    I am doing a bit of graphcis work in photoshop etc and am thinking about getting a wireless mouse as I find the mouse cord a bit heavy, restrictive and annoying to my wrist etc.

    Have any of you got any comments as to whether I would find a wireless mouse easier to move around on Photoshop - are they as accurate etc ?



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    I find mine just as accurate as a corded and without the cord it takes away a lot of annoyances like when you get to the end of the cord and cant move any further.
    They're not bad at all, even mine is a cheap one i'm sure the new, expensive ones are even better.

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    Ditto everything rosscow said.

    Might be worth getting a graphics tablet for doing graphics work though, never used one myself, but it's worth considering.

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    I've used several wireless mice and wouldn't go back.
    My two favorites have been the MS wireless explorer with the non-click scroll and side to side tiltwheel and my current Logitech MX1000 laser mouse.

    I think I actually like the MS mouse the best but the Logitech's rechargable batteries and charging cradle are really handy.
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    just buy a bigger desk and use a wired mouse...
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