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Thread: Virus Spreading On Kazaalite

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    Just a little info I think u should all know considering my Norton Antivirus picked this up when I tried to open something up that I downloaded from KazaaLite thinking it was something else..


    Copies itself to the %Windir%\sCache32 folder as the following filenames:

    2 Find MP3 8.2.0.exe
    AC3-MP3 converter.exe
    ACDSee 5.5b.exe
    ACDSee Classic 2.79.exe
    Ad-aware 6.5 (new)Download Accelerator Plus 6.3.exe
    Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.6.exe
    Adobe PhotoShop 7.1 crack.exe
    All Editor 3.0b.exe
    AOL Instant Messenger 6.1.exe
    Auction Sentry (new).exe
    AudioLabel CD Labeler 3.0 (+crack).exe
    Battlefied1942 Pack4 (crack+bloodpatch).exe
    BearShare 5.1.1.exe
    C&C Generals Pack2 (new patch).exe
    Complete UK Music Database 4.2.exe
    DirectDVD 4.9.exe
    DivX Bundle 6.2.exe
    DivX edit (new).exe
    DivX Video Bundle 5.5.1.exe
    DvD Rip guide (+tools) st0rm.exe
    Dynamite Downloads.exe
    Easy CD Creator Software Update.exe
    FlashFXP (keygen).exe
    FreeRip 4.30.exe
    Genie Stream 3.2.4.exe
    GetRight 5.5 + crack.exe
    Global DiVX Player 2.0.1.exe
    Gothic 2 (m-patch).exe
    Grokster 2.0.exe
    Hacker Tutorial (by ph3Akz).exe
    Half-Life keygen (+ogc hack).exe
    HL keys (working).exe
    I.G.I. 2 (new crack).exe
    ICQ Lite beta (b2253).exe
    ICQ Pro 2003a beta (b4600).exe
    iMesh 4.1 beta.exe
    iSnipeIt 5.0c.exe
    James Bond 007 Nightfire crack.exe
    Kazaa Media Desktop 2.5.exe
    Kazaa Skins 1.8.exe
    KaZooM MP3 Kazaa Accelerator 2.5.exe
    Medal Of Honor (Allied Assault) crack.exe
    Microangelo 6.0b.exe
    mIRC 6.x addon patch.exe
    mIRC s3th war-script.exe
    Morpheus 2.6.exe
    MP3 cut pro 3.0.exe
    MSN Messenger 5.5.10.exe
    Need for Speed 6 (new cars + crack).exe
    NeoNapster 3.92.exe
    Nero Burning ROM
    Network Cable + ADSL Speed 2.0 (beta).exe
    New Nvidia (geForce) drivers (beta).exe
    Nimo Codec Pack 9.0 (stable).exe
    Nvidia Detonator XP Drivers (Windows XP/2000).exe
    Operation Flashpoint (bloopatch).exe
    Patch Creator 3.5a.exe
    PhotoShow 3.1.exe
    Pop-Up Stopper 4.0 (beta).exe
    Ps2 to Pc tutorial (+tool).exe
    QuickTime 7.2 (new).exe
    Raven Shield 5.32 crack.exe
    RealJukebox Basic 2.8.exe
    RealOne Free Player 2.8.exe
    RemoteSpy 1.5.exe
    Sim City 4 crack.exe
    Splinter Cell crack.exe
    TitJiggle (flash game).exe
    Trillian 0.8 + plugins.exe
    UniversalFlood (4.8b).exe
    Unreal2 (2.8) crack.exe
    UT2003 multi-crack (new).exe
    Warcraft3 crack.exe
    Window Washer 4.8.exe
    WinMX 3.5.1.exe
    WinRAR 3.8.exe
    WinZip 8.3b (crack).exe
    WinZip 9.0 SR-1.exe
    Wippit 2.1 (beta).exe
    WS_FTP LE 6.0.exe
    XViD bundle (codec+tutorial).exe

    6. Adds the values:

    "Dir? 012345:"="%Windir%\sCache32"

    NOTE: "?" in these values represents a number that the worm has chosen.

    to these registry keys:


    so that other KaZaA or iMesh users may download the files from the %Windir%\sCache32 folder.

    Backdoor.Sdbot actions
    When Backdoor.Sdbot, which is the Backdoor Trojan that the worm dropped, is executed, it does the following:

    1. Copies itself as %System%\System32.exe.

    2. Creates the value:

    "Shell"="Explorer.exe %system%\System32.exe"

    in the registry key:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon

    3. Waits for an Internet connection. When the Trojan detects a connection, it connects to a specific IRC server using port 6667, joins a specific channel, and notifies a hacker by sending them a private message.

    4. Waits for commands that the hacker transmits using IRC. The commands allow the hacker to perform any of the following actions:
    Deliver system and network information to the hacker.
    Manage the self installation.
    Download and execute files.
    Perform Denial of Service (DoS) attacks.
    Replicate across file-sharing networks, such as KaZaA and iMesh.

    Click for more information about this virus: W32.Kwbot.F.Worm

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    funny, i downloaded that winrar3.8.exe file earlier today.
    luckily, NAV picked it up killed the download and deleted the worm

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    I downloaded some files (which I don't really download a lot on Kazaa Lite nowadays) and Norton always constantly find worms or viruses (and kills it) specially made for Kazaa. This is getting scary.

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    Iv Found All of these on my comp last night Because in some other post there was a link to see all o your files on the web or somethin and there were all of these ones in my shared list,PC cillin Never Picked it Up though So Im Getting Ready Now To Deleat Them All Now

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    Wolfmight's Avatar Poster BT Rep: +1
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    NAV'll take it out... I check for updates every week (plus is auto updates normally)

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    Originally posted by ghost944@1 May 2003 - 05:31
    Iv Found All of these on my comp last night Because in some other post there was a link to see all o your files on the web or somethin and there were all of these ones in my shared list,PC cillin Never Picked it Up though So Im Getting Ready Now To Deleat Them All Now
    ghost944 it is not enought to just delete these files, becasue on your next reboot they will be there again, you have to update your virus program, I really never liked PC Cillin but that is me, and then do a full scan of your computer to remove the virus. Delete any file with the virus. Then do a restart and rescan just to make sure.

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    Mar 2003
    Bleh my version of some cheap branded antivirus seems to be screwing up on me.
    Please recommend some good ones that I can use. Norton, Macafee...nid opinions.

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    RedRival, i would recommend norton antivirus 2003 and norton firewall 2003... just download it through kazaa...

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    Norton 2003 seems to do a good job. Also Mcafee is good but i do not like there firewall that is built in, but you can disable it. I like using McAfee version 4.5.1 (corp. edition). But the latest out is 6 I think.

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    I have Just Finished Deleteing those files with windows washer with bleach then went and deleated those reg keys that the link told me to delete just rebooted seen this post and checked the file they were in and they are not there so i think i have got rid of them.

    Also my Pc Cillin is 2003 and is always up to date for firewalls i use sygate 5.0,Pc Cillins and Armour 2 net cuz it stops pop ups and cleans spyware.

    Just checked again and they aint back yet.

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