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    I'm going for it man, I'm going to build my very own custom pc, and was wondering:
    Watchya think of this board? I've heard good things about ABIT, and even though this one is a little
    "expensive" I see that it comes loaded!

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    I've used many boards in the past from Epox, MSI, Asus and found ABIT boards to be a good choice. Although I am a diehard AMD fan, that board looks to be a good choice. Reviews are positive, so I say go for it, push that baby to the limit! B)
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    i didnt see a price for that board and i couldnt find it on toms hardware.
    looks good though. whats the price?

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    $229.00 on
    It is an intel board, and I'm torn between intel and amd.
    I understand that the amd cpu's are faster? (exept maybe for intel's new 3.0ghz?)
    When I get it, I want to make shure it will be UPGRADABLE for a long time!
    (Yeah wishfull thinking I know )

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    price seems high to me. the amd boards are cheaper and just as good as that.
    have you though about going with the new nforce2 chipset boards. i have one
    and it rocks. they are getting awesome reviews as well. and they are cheaper.
    AND dual ddr!

    heres what tomshardware says about the chipset board you are looking at
    "Unofficially, Intel's old chipset offers similar features to the new high-end 875
    Canterwood. 200 MHz (800 MHz) FSB is no problem for the old platform.
    So who really needs the expensive 875?"

    go to to read about all types of mobo's.


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