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Thread: New Hard Drive need some Help!

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    I've just got a new hard drive and have made the old one the slave drive, however now i notice that i cannot access the stuff that i had on the desktop,when i try to go through to the now slave drive i.e.
    1) by selecting the hard drive
    2) go throught to documents and settings then chose my name, then choose desktop so that it would show what i had on the desktop before making it a slave drive. But it doesn't give me any access to what i had on the desktop before. although it does give me access to most things. It says access denied.

    How can i get access to the stuff that i had on the destop?

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    If nothing works, try a simple thing. Make the whole disk image and extract the data from the image file.

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    The only things in there are 1kb shortcuts to the programs that you had on the old drive. Since the old drive is no longer active you cannot access those programs, the new drive is now the C: drive and has the active registry and its own shortcuts on its own desktop. You could activate the old drive and make a dual boot system if you still want access to the programs installed on it, otherwise you will have to reinstall them on the new drive. You should temporarily copy over any stuff you want to save from the old drive to the new, format the old drive and then transfer back the temp saved stuff to get the most room out of it since you cannot uninstall the old stuff unless you switch the drive back to master again.


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