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    [FONT=Geneva][COLOR=red] From my CDRom I am trying to upload my WAV's, I need to convert to MP3 then send to a shared folder as I'm trying to give back by way of making my albums available to those other members who share. Any ideas please as I have been trying to execute this move for the past 2 weeks. Thanks in anticipation. KJ

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    You can use a program like Easy CD Ripper to convert the wav files to mp3 and then copy the mp3 files to your shared folder.

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    So I have to upload as a WAV file to HD then convert, would I be correct ?? the only upload store I have found is myWindows Media Player direct from CDRom, if I try to move to My Docs all I get is the shortcut symbol. Any more tips would be appreciated.
    thanks for reply

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    if you get a copy of Easy CD Ripper you can convert the file from wav to mp3 straight off the cdrom. YOu would not have to do anything else. You would not have to copy the wav to the HD at all.

    You can do a search on GOOGLE for easy cd ripper and download a copy.

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    Eureka! Fantabilosical!I now have 2 converters to work with. Read your tip and have downloaded 'ExactCopy' and have already uploaded an Album, its great to be able to give back and put some more sounds available for those members who SHARE???? and if any of the non sharers are reading this get yourself this software and you too can distribute when you logon. Thanks once again. KJ


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