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Thread: OZ torrent sites

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    delimare's Avatar Polyamorous BT Rep: +2
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    Mar 2006
    Looking for dedicated OZ torrent sites
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    Mar 2006
    Hey m8 found one it's called aussietorrents:

    but ya need an invite to join and I don't have one so don't know what to say. I do know that it has lots of Australian sports and some TV shows. anyone else know of any????

    EDIT: as to my earlier point still not sure it's hosted in Australia as it ends in .com not I think it's unlikely
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    Jan 2006
    yer.. I have invites to that site.. PM me with what you guys have to offer and i'll set u ppl one if you make a good offer.. and there is one other aussie based tracker btw.. for which I'm priviliged with a couple of sacred invites (yes it is an invite only community) ...

    P.S : I ve been lookin for a bitmetv invite for a long time.. Pisexy, TB and FL would also make it worthwhile ofcourse..
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