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Thread: Sites with iPod content?

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    I'm looking a good bittorrent site that has movies and tv shows in the iPod format. I found podtropolis but there are too many leechers, it's slow and there's too many dead files there. Any others?

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    U can check out, &
    There are many on demonoid too.

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    I need to check those sites out. Thanks Piyush Singh

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    You should also try

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    i was looking for some nice ipod sites as well when i first got my 5th gen ipod, but after a short while came to the conclusion that its not really worth downloading mp4 files...

    here are my thoughts:
    an ipod movie usually takes around 75-90% of the size of an divx/xvid release (depending on the bitrate and settings used for ripping - because most mp4 files are ripped from avis). so instead of grabbing a 300 mb tv show episode for instance, i can grab a 350 mb xvid episode and afterwards convert it myself to mp4. this way, i download a bit more but i can watch the tv show both on the pc and on the ipod, and maybe even archive it...

    when grabbing an ipod file, its almost useless to use it on a pc or archive it (because of the lesser image quality), and the somewhat smaller size doesnt justify the quality.

    so u can use videora ipod convertor to convert your files to mp4, and save some bw... one could argue that this takes some time, but u can leave a batch of files to convert overnight and next morning voila, everything ipod ready

    some ppl may not share my opinion, and their not to blame, but practically i think this is the best solution to get ipod movies...

    besides, only the most popular stuff gets converted to ipod, so if youre interested in something more rare, theres a high chance youll not find it anywhere


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