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Thread: NZB Validation?

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    Hi there, seems to me time to time I d/load a NZB file and try to validate it with NZBVal it says the file I've entered does not exist. Anyone else having this problem? They seem to import to my news client alright, but I always like to validate first so I know I'm not wasting my time with an incomlpete post. Any help would be appreciated.

    Are there any other pieces of software that validate NZBs?

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    oh geez, now they have an NZB "validator" ? Give me a break.

    I know...doesnt really help you but if your server shows incompletes and they're arent any PAR's to repair....either dont download it or try to repair with WinRAR.

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    I have to agree with Stylus here, as long as PARs are supplied i can see no real reason to have to validate it first. It's part of life getting the odd incomplete post on Usenet but with PAR files i can honestly say i have never been unable to repair something.

    Seriously stop worrying.

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    NZBVal sounds like a very suspicious program to me - a newsreader could tell if the posts are available.

    Anyone fancy checking it out for malware?
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    NZBVal checks if the parts are present, it cannot check for CRC32 or size mismatches. It might tell you a post is complete even if it's not repairable.


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