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Thread: Tons to trade looking for torrentfactory (again)

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    Since for some reason my first post didnt show up...anyway im looking for an invite to torrentfactory i have tons of invites, pm me for a full list, but just to get the ball rolling...

    Trance Traffic
    and many more

    also if anyone is interested i have accounts at bitme, bitmetv and indietorrents that i dont use

    pm me and if your interested ill give you an invite(s) to anywhere you want (that i have) for torrentfactory
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    Rules for the Invite section:

    * Please don't sign up here if you only want to get an invite!
    * People who can prove (screenshot for example) that they share at least 1:1 or are a member here for some time will get invites first.
    * Posting the same request multiple times will result in all posts related to that request being deleted.
    * If you request please post your email and the site you want an invite for.
    * If there is already a thread about a certain website post your reply in that thread do not create a new thread.


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