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Thread: features to consider on a BitTorrent client???

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    which are the features you must consider on a BitTorrent client and why...
    and which is the most stable, not slowing down rates client, anyone?????
    I'm using Bitcomet at the momment but i'm planning switching to Azures or uTorrent because some of the comments i've found surfing the forum... i'm a 1 MB/sec cable user...

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    it is convenient for me to switch to any of this, or i should stay with Bitcomet???

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    1MB/s or 1Mb/s?

    Anyway, I like azureus. Apparently it connects faster than utorrents.
    however it hogs lots of memory, while utorrent uses a lot less.

    Eventually Utorrent connects to as many seeders/leechers as azureus. But if you have a super high bandwidth, I think Azureus is better. (assuming you have an ok computer)

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    Azureus is too confuse to configure, so if you don't know too many things about it, use uTorrent

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    Quote Originally Posted by carlosfgz
    it is convenient for me to switch to any of this, or i should stay with Bitcomet???
    hell no, switch to utorrent. theres hundreds of threads on here telling u why. mainly the "which bittorrent client do u use" poll/thread.

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    hmm... features to consder...

    well first off, a big factor to consider is whether or not a given client is allowed at the places you frequent. for example, bitcomet is banned at most private trackers.

    I've also found individual torrent up/down settings to be especially necessary because public sites will steal all your upload bandwidth, and some private sites are TOO good in terms of seeding for a new user, and will kill your ratio if you don't have any way to hinder the download. This is, unfortunately, why I'm stuck using azureus for a while D:

    I'll come back to this post..
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    In my opinion UTorrent is the way to go. small simple and has all the features you could want. no need for bloatware like Azureus.
    @dracophi: not so sure about the connection speed I always connect to avalible peers within seconds. I didn't notice Azureus connecting any faster when I used to use it. Having said that everyone has their favorite it's just a matter of trial and error. But make sure you ditch Bitcomet it's going to limit your options as most private trackers consider it a cheat client.
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