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Thread: England Vs Paraguay, still think we can??

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    What was that??? why does this all feel so familiar.....3 points yes but come on as soon as we come up against Italy brazil, Germany...still think we can do it???noy on the basis of that second half we could have so easily conceded a goal ......

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    I still think we can beat Paraguay, I'm confident.
    It's hot in Topeka.

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    ummm...did u watch it last nite??

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    Quote Originally Posted by DorisInsinuate
    I still think we can beat Paraguay, I'm confident.
    That's assuming we qualify.
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    Which England game(s) are ITV showing in the UK? We always seem to fail miserably when they've got coverage.

    Mind you, I was unimpressed to a great extent with their performance yesterday. It coulda been the singular can of Stella (don't drink at all normally) affecting my mood, but I sat here on my own bad-mouthing the TV over the England team's shitness.
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