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Thread: Darn Leeches

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    Any way at all to block leeches who refuse to share online but will gratefully rip from my broadband tinted hands???

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    hi, I know it's very nerve racking for a lot of you to have files uploaded but not to be able to download from that person.
    I am one of your leeches by most of your defination. I recieved the letter that some others recieved from Comcast.
    I try downloading movies but without much luck. It seems that almost everthing I get is misnamed. :::shrugs::: So goes it.
    I do share software files though.
    As far as I know you can only block thier IM's. I don't thing there is anyother way outside of canceling them.
    I appoligize to all for my not shareing movies, but if and when I get something that is actually what I wanted to download I will gladly share it.

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    your an ass

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    Just another familiar thread with a familiar pattern.

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    I need to wake up.....what is this thread about?

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    Originally posted by freshfighter17@1 May 2003 - 09:29
    Any way at all to block leeches who refuse to share online but will gratefully rip from my broadband tinted hands???

    This is a classic example of deja vu.

    Don't bother waking up FC, I'm sure you've BTDT...
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    Originally posted by freshfighter17@1 May 2003 - 10:29
    Any way at all to block leeches who refuse to share online but will gratefully rip from my broadband tinted hands???
    You can manually block ips using Peer Guardian and Netstat -n can show you what ip connections are being made to your computer. Used together, you can block users (at least for a while, till their ips change) from downloading/uploading/messaging you.

    You can also cancel uploads, then QUICKLY clear the list before the leech restarts, then reduce the number of max uploads allowed by 1 if they rejoin before someone else does.

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    Leeches Leeches leeches you guy are obsesed by them...............

    Look I have 600k NTL Broad Band in UK 60 - 80kbs download 15 kbs up load max, so what i do is limmit the up loads to give some 2 or 4 up loads good to half good speed. This results in some haveing to que for their up loads from me.

    I could unlimit the up loads and then you`ll be pissed off that you are not able to get good speed frome me. the result in both cases is that i will get blocked. Guys get fucking real and just enjoy what ever you can get.

    Your like small children "I WANT IT NOW OR I`LL SCREEM & SCREEM" ffs life is too short for this bull shit just do your best and dont worrie if some one is downloading faster than you, good luck to him I say for tomorrow it could be you getting all the speed.


    because of my limmertations and inability to share files fast I could be deemed as a leech and there for blocked. Inocent as i am. Thats the point being made here some how in all the posts here in this forum you so called computer experts totaly missed that point. In additon when you start to block you start a ball rolling you block me and then i block you so thats 2 blocked then another gets blocked and so on. Add to this we all have contacts and friends who also so block the same peeps i have blocked so by 1 person blocking we now have the ball rolling. Also I clearly explained why i thought Blocking was not the answer in my other posts. also i have clearly stated with 4,000,000 Kazaa users why worrie just enjoy what you can get and give all that you can u guys see what you want you offer sarcamas as an answer. Read the posts and not just the title try it. You know it makes sense.


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    Its not about beeing remotely queued or having slow speeds, its about not sharing.

    You Better Keep In Mind That I Can Read Between The Lines

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    guys guys, lots of these leeches do share there files, but use the privacy option. Some of us doesnt want to get sued. In Denmark we have this company, hired by musicians and filmmakers to search kazaa for danish people who share. This company has the courts approval for their methods. I share 30 gbs, but if u right click me and choose, find more from this user, nothing comes up... I think that goes for a lot of guys here.

    Anyway, my connection is 512/128, so i can only upload with 16 kb/s anyway, not alot, still sharing though

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