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Thread: Need Help On A Project

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    Hey, ive been working on a school project and I was wondering if you guys can help me out. I was wondering how do video games effect the military and what games the army has created...

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    in the uk there was a news story that showed how statagy games were helping the army to hone there skills. i can not remember the game that was featured sorry.

    but i am sure it was something along the lines of splinter cell.

    this news story was about 2-3 mths ago.

    i am not sure if any games have been produced that are available on the open market, no dout if they have delevoped any they will only be used in house as it were.

    hope this is of use to you.

    ps (i am not a military man myself so cant say 100% about if any games are available)


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    - there's that America's Army game they use for recuiting
    - the US Army asked Codemasters to customize Operation Flashpoint for 'training' purposes
    - apparently Iraq ordered a 1000 PS2s rumoured for use as a guidance system for missles
    - Games like Rainbow Six, Operation Flashpoint (Metal Gear Solid 2 to a lesser extent) had a military expert to give them pointers on realistic tactics
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