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Thread: Cheated?

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    thats why when you get an account, you change all the details right away.

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    Let's see if this turns out to be a case similar to "saadniazi" incident.
    The irony is that there was a Uk-T at stake there too.
    I too have seen many posts about the person in question & he had been a regular here,so let's see if he gets back & explains his conduct.

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    I'll watch for him being here.
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    i don't see a way to retrieve it, try contact the site admins
    and see if they can do something about it

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    I was almost a victim....some guy offered me an invite to uk-torrent a think his name was piotrek and i just deleted his pm. I think he was a noob. Not really a reliable person.
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    maybe we such up the requirements for the invite sections, because this is getting out of control.
    I remember seeing a rating system for users at zeropaid, but anyways your screwed.
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    There definitely seems to be a small surge in dishonest people cheating others out of their accounts.

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    Perhaps people can give a list of all the successful trades they've done?
    With the names of the people, and maybe accounts/invites traded (unless you want to keep this part private).

    At least names should be given, so that they can contact your references... to make sure you're legit?

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