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Thread: Help With Splinter Cell

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    Ok,um i got all cds ,now this is gonna sound very noobish,but what order does it go,after all 3 r installed,the patch first or the crack or etc,ect,lol,stop laughing..btw does the 1st CD contain the patch or crack??heeeelp meeee. :"> :">

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    if u have the crack for the latest patch then the patch obviously... if u dont have a crack then theres not much point in patching.. double check the crack if u think it is or its a reinstall (usualy)

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    First go to and get the new patch, install it then apply the no-cd crack. If you apply the crack first you have to reinstall the game because you need the patch to fix the bugs in the game. :beerchug:

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    where would i get the nocd crack ,would i find in kazaa forums or on the website?

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    If you have the splinter cell-flt cd's then the crack is in the third cd in the crack file. You should be able to just double click on the icon in that file and the game should run. If not just put in splinter cell in the search bar in this forum and you will be able to find many links to diffrent splinter cell stuff in earlier posts.


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