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Thread: Does This Eminem Song Exist?

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    Does anyone know where to find the full version of the eminem song that plays in the skit 'the kiss' off of Eminem's 'The Eminem Show'?
    I think its called 'everyone is lookin at me'
    it was spose to be on the eminem show but it didnt make the final cut
    Thanks if you can help me

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    PLZ u and all ur little friends shut up with this question its not out do ur research it hasn't leaked. if u would have looked and took some time to find info u would know its not out. one cuz it was very offense past most o fhis music if u listen to it in the back ground he mentions wiping his ass with the american flag. and with him releasing it so close to 9/11 he would have gottin alot of bad publicity but i could careless if it ever does surface i am gonna deffintily listen to it.

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    god i wish i could slap you

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    pm me if you find it !!...thanks...oh and dont forget to stick it on kazaa!!!!!!


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