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Thread: ABC problem

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    Hey guys,

    Woke up this morning. No problem, went to open up ABC. Odd, the shortcuts invalid. So I went to the ABC directory and found that abc.exe had been removed :? . So, I went to the website to reinstall ABC, done it - and then saw the ABC.exe file had came back. The AVG pops up and says it's a virus :? . I clicked ignore and tried to run the .exe anyway (I know I know, bold move)...and it says it cannot open the file. So then I healed the file (which effectively removes it) and ehre I am. I could use some help if anyone could point me in the right direction.

    I've been using both AVG and ABC for a few years, error free. Hope someone can help.

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    Others having a problem with AVG and ABC ?

    Quote :

    " Same here guys i have to install old version of abc to get it to work 3.0.1 does the trick for now. "
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