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Thread: Please Name This Song And/or Band

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    It's a song released late 70's, rock progressive (i'm not an expert, anyway) and about 30 min. lon g. Some part is rock,some with indian (from India) tunes (trumpet)and there are parts that sound like a Broadway musical. Could be perfect for a hippy party. It sounds as if he is saying something like:

    "you've got to give out what you don't want, to get what you do.
    What will we ever need with you?"

    and also:

    "lonely are patient hearts... (unknown) are so green they make the sky seem blue look in my eyes and let me stay away from you"

    There is a 5 min. and low bitrate version of this misterious song at my personal web page. I would give the url to anyone interested in.

    Maybe some can help. I would appreciate it very much. Thanks in advance


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    I have no specific clue...but if you feel like digging around a bit, I found a list of "long songs" that include the release date. You could then enter the band name/song title in a lyric search on google, and see if you recognize anything from what you got...

    Here's the long song list:

    Good luck!


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