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Thread: Tmpgenc (screen Black)

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    Just ran into something with tmpgenc that I haven't seen before.
    When it was encoding the avi to an mpg, the screen was black.
    Sound Okay. But the screen was black. I let it go thru to the end
    because it only took twelve minutes. Sure enough the mpg played
    with the screen black and the sound great. Anyone know what happened?
    I am using an copy of Tmpgenc that I got a year or two ago, so I don't
    know if that is the problem.

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    There was probably a corrupt frame in your .avi somewhere. Use AviFix or VirtualDUB to fix it.

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    It's probably what duo said! But i have 1 ques does your avi play normally in a media player? A few times i had the problem cause i didnt have the right codecs on my computer

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    Try using VideoLAN as it can play the .avi even without the right codecs. It works for me B)

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    I opened it up in Dub and changed the compression. So far, it's working.
    Don't know what will happen, but I can see the picture now.


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