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Thread: Dust Problem

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    I have alot of dust in my room and it gets sucked into the case and power supply
    (My power supply and fan are intergrated) Now I know this is a common problem,
    but I'm talking ALOT of dust here. When I take off the cover to clean the inside I'm
    finding BUNNYS in there!
    I was wondering what do you think of this idea: Some pantyhose or a similar material over the grill inlets?
    (I know; pantyhose )

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    ya that would work but make shure u keep it clean of ull have heat problems
    also if u keep it up off the floor it will help alot

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    I think panty house are bit too thin myself.

    I took material that my motherboard came packed in... like a foam type matrial, about 1/8 of an inch... cut it out for my fan size... and taped it on the inside of the outer part of my case... right to the grills... i have hardly any dust compared to what i had before... and now and then, i blow the outside of the filters off...

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    Changing the HVAC filter in you home at least once a month can only help. They only cost a few $US.

    BTW, dust inside your computer does not affect its operation unless you start impeding the airflow.(CD drives are affectively outside the case) So keeping your fan blades clean is the prime objective.


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