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Thread: Razor's Warcraft Iii

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    well if you played the campaign i think you would know that there are some errors in between the game...

    my brother was playing the first campaign and level 6 he had a campagin erorr n couldnt get thro... im in orc campaign n i cant get throu

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    It should work, I also have the Razor Version. Maybe it was corrupted when you downloaded it.

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    he has risen again

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    Originally posted by adthomp@2 May 2003 - 02:08
    he has risen again
    Yes, I'm a haunting ghost now.

    Oh yeah, Soul814 what was that error message? Maybe it'll help.

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    campaign errors doesnt matter i kept reinstallin everything i had an error about water not loading

    only problem is i lose all my inv when i reinstall sigh


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