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Thread: Pathetic Newb Question..already Tried

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    I have all 3 flt bin files. I have all 3 cue files as well. Ive read every post on this board regarding spllinter cell and there seems to be seperate factions on how to get it installed,patched and i did some downloading and got myself the various programs to get it working. I have Daemon tools,cdmage,winiso,and alcohol 120% on advice from various posts. As far as burning progs go,i have nero 5.5.9 and fireburner. I have opened the bin files in various progs and found no corruption whatsoever. I have come to understand from the board that there is in fact a screwed up cue in cd2, and i have taken notes as to what to do in case i get this error. The problem i have is two fold. What program do i open the cue with,in order to alter the text? I have tried fireburner and i cannot seem to find a way to alter the text. What do i do here? Another prog perhaps: that i may have missed? The second problem. Some folks say just use daemon tools and alcohol and mount the bins or whatever......some say use cdmage, some say use nero and convert to nrg,i have even heard mention of using cdrwin. There is so much info out there that im finding myself quite confused.I have been using nero for years now and im pretty familar with it, as well as fire burner. Nevertheless; i ve only used them for back up and music. I have no idea what to do with a cue file or a bin. The only thing i have done is add the matching cue files into the proper bin file archives with winiso. Was this a mistake? I have also heard talk of removing the crack from the 3rd cd. To sum it up, i would like to ask you guys,what is the easiest and most efficient way to get the job done correctly. I have no idea in the world what i should do with daemon and alcohol. I really not to familar with mounting virtual drives and i really hate to sit here and waste everyones time with newb questions. Is there a nice straight foward way to get this done withouth having to familarize myself with brand new programs? I suppose i need some sort of walkthrough. I am really sorry to have blown off too much of your time with this question,but i would really like to begin playing the game and perhaps from here on out i will have learned something i can use and start answering questions instead of asking them. You help is very much appreciated.

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    First all you do is open the cue file with notepad(no new program ) then change the the top line of the file to the same as the other cd cue file's( I think all you have to take out is D: and just make it splinter cell-flt can't really remember exactly but same as the other two cue file's for cd 1 and 2) then just do your regular burn image on nero. Before you install go to and get the new patch. Then install the game, then the patch and on your cd 3 ( if you are using the splinter cell-flt like I think you are) there is a crack file, just open up the cd3 then the crack file and you just have to click on the splintercell icon and that is the no-cd crack and the game will start.. Hopefully lol :beerchug:

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    Thank you, that was real simple....i appreciate it. I will give it a shot right away.

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    No problem, let me know here if you have any problems.. :beerchug:

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    Everything has gone smoothly for the first 2 disks. The 3rd would not go,so i checked it out with cdmage.
    Mage said that is has 2 corrupt sectors. I tried to hit repair, but it said there are sectors selected. Im gonna try and read the help files and se whats up. Anyone familar with cdmage?

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    CD-mage can only repair midly damaged sectors. If it is majorly damaged, you will have to re-download the 3rd disk. Kazza is like that with corrupting files... well hopefully they aren't too corupted....good luck man

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    Here is a copy of the error report from my clipboard. I cant really make anything of it.

    CDmage B5 1.02.1 error report for image "Flt-sc3.bin"

    Track #| Sector|Sync|Header|Subheader|EDC|Intermediate|ECC P|ECC Q|Severity|Content of sector
    1| 27,127| No | No | N/A |Yes| No | Yes | Yes |Medium |Yet not identified
    1| 27,128| No | No | N/A |Yes| No | Yes | Yes |Medium |Yet not identified

    Total error count:2

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    I rebuilt the data tracks with mage and now it says no errors, so im gonna try and burn again. Thanks guys.

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    this sucks, now i get some component transfer error right in the middle of the installation....i know you guys are going to say get a new copy of the files, its gonna take me forever.

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    Yes it sounds like you have to get a diffrent download..

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