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Thread: Norton Internet Security 2003

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    About a month ago I downloaded NIS. I'm very pleased with this programme although it is sometimes difficult to figure out how certain things work. I've learned and solved al lot but I've still got one annoying problem with windows messenger; I can't send files and photo's and cannot use whiteboard. Strangely other people can send me photo's and files.

    I thought it had something to do with my firewallsettings but the windows messenger (extra, options, connection) says I am directly connected to NET.messenger service (no firewall). I'm a bit confused here...

    I have Windows XP Professional and the XP firewall is disabled.
    Does anyone have an idea or suggestion?

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    have you got the firewall set to permit all connection for this program?

    Whiteboard does not work for me because im behind a router does the same apply to you?

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    Yes I have. At first it said automatic, but I set it to permit all. But that didn't help either .

    What do you mean with 'being behind a router'?


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