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Thread: Am I doing something wrong?

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    I have optimum online that offers a two connection usenet server with about 15 day retantion for binaries. When I use NZB-O-Matic, it starts downloading for about 5 seconds and then quickly times out. I can finish the small files like .nfos and .pars but not large rars. I can't even connect on NewsLeecher and Grabit can't download anything either because of errors and connection lost problems. I have no clue what to do.

    This is my Grabit:
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    Could your ISP be blocking usenet connections?

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    If youve used two differnt clients already as stated then you most likely have an issue with the server your using. Sounds to me like they may have dumped binaries. Signup for YottaNews or NewsDemon trail versions so you can test to compare servers and see if thats it. If you find that server works normally than it may be time to look into getting a payserver such as NewsHosting or GigaNews perhaps...

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    I've got optonline too...their news server sucks and they dramatically cap the speed. A few other people have complained about probs with the optonline newserver on dslreports, if you wanna dig around.

    So I just use Giganews...awesome server, maxes out my connection too....could not be happier.

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    I have same service and its a piece of crap. Best bet you pay for a premium server. Optonline allows max 2 connections at 60 kb each.

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    True, same here.


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